285/70r19.5 truck tires are perfect for the most demanding jobs, as these tires provide exceptional traction and stability, even under heavy loads. These tires are all-position, multi-purpose tires for your commercial truck. These tires are made with improved tread compounds, resulting in improved wear and longer tread life. They are built with a complex tread and innovative compound with a carcass that provides strength and retreadability. We stock 285/70r19.5 tires for Freightliner , Peterbilt , Kenworth , Volvo , International trucks .


  • The tire's durable compound ensures that it remains flexible at different temperatures and provides exceptional wear resistance, extending its lifespan.

  • The innovative compound reduces rolling resistance, resulting in better fuel economy and savings for long-haul travel.

  • The straight groove design effectively removes water from the tire surface, promoting even tread wear and improving safety in wet conditions.

  • The design contributes to smoother and more comfortable journeys, improving the highway driving experience.

Customers praise their energy efficiency and reliable performance. Equip your truck with 285/70R19.5 tires and enjoy the confidence that comes with premium quality. Upgrade now and see the difference every trip.

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